Compte Rendu was established in 2019 as a literary magazine with an international outlook.


Living in Glasgow and toting an English degree, REISS MCINALLY is an enigma. Or at least, that’s what he likes to tell everyone – give him a wink, however, and he’ll share with you his darkest secrets. Like that time when…

Contact: editor@compterendu.online

Twitter: @ReissPMcInally



Born in ’95, studied history, writes to forget – ANDREW TROWER describes himself as the Ernest Hemingway of writing: he spends all his time in a bar in Venice complaining loudly about tourists.

Contact: podcast@compterendu.online

Twitter: @Andrew_Trower


Literary Editor


ELLIOT SPINKS is from Newcastle and hates writing in the third person. If pushed he might note a fondness for literature, music and film. He’s also unwilling to elaborate further.

Contact: literature@compterendu.online



Music & Culture

With the smoker’s rasp of a 56-year-old Glaswegian and the loving sarcasm of your best friend’s strange aunt, ISABEL BOSCH can be found ranting about culture and music here and on the streets of Berlin.

Twitter: @basilsmashbros


Photography Editor



(Born in China, KIKI is a student that studies nothing relevant to photography — she just loves searching out beauty.)

Instagram: @acityshehad


Film Critic

MATTHEW WELDON has an Honours degree in Neuroscience and a Master’s degree in Human Anatomy. He is naturally the perfect person to review films for Compte Rendu.

Twitter: @batmatthew