In 2019, Compte Rendu was established as a literary magazine. Today, it is still 2019 and things remain unchanged.


Living in Glasgow and toting an English degree, REISS MCINALLY is an enigma. Or at least, that’s what he likes to tell everyone – give him a wink, however, and he’ll share with you his darkest secrets. Like that time when…

Contact: editor@compterendu.online

Twitter: @ReissPMcInally



Born in ’95, studied history, writes to forget – ANDREW TROWER describes himself as the Ernest Hemingway of writing: he spends all his time in a bar in Venice complaining loudly about tourists.

Contact: podcast@compterendu.online

Twitter: @Andrew_Trower


Literary Editor

ELLIOT SPINKS is from Newcastle and hates writing in the third person. If pushed he might note a fondness for literature, music and film. He’s also unwilling to elaborate further.

Contact: literature@compterendu.online



Film Critic

MATTHEW WELDON has an Honours degree in Neuroscience and a Master’s degree in Human Anatomy. He is naturally the perfect person to review films for Compte Rendu.

Twitter: @batmatthew